VSM - Value Stream Mapping


Un instrument dezvoltat inițial sub denumirea „Value Added Flow Map” în Japonia, 

VSM ajută utilizatorii să descopere situația reală a pierderilor din procesele interne.

VSM is a working method for mixed teams: the client and Sostenia consultants. The whole process is based on the collaboration between those who actually execute the process, Sostenia consultants but also recommended members from other departments of the company like "clients" or "suppliers" in this process.

Focus on the process

The entire team is focused only on the process in order to fully understand it. We evaluate or measure the time, we calculate the total length of the project.


After identifying and keeping only the value-added tasks/activities, the team assigns roles and responsibilities, also proposes solutions for eliminating the errors and losses of the initial project.

We identify the losses

We signal everything that is abnormal, useless, inefficient, without added value, generating errors or delays. There will be as many opportunities for improvement.                          ​


For those improvements that can no longer be implemented just by redesigning the process, the Sostenia consultant proposes digitization solutions that will lead to a significant qualitative progress.

Sostenia team has more than 12 years of experience in managing continuous improvement through the Kaizen technique, by using the VSM method in optimizing business processes.

VSM methodolgy 

in projects approach

Every activity

The process is divided into performed activities, assigned to roles and executives. For each activity, the operational time required for execution is evaluated.

Map of the current process

The activities within the process are placed in the current work flow and they are interconnected so that we have an image of the process in stages and as a whole. For each step and for the whole process, the execution time or the total execution time is calculated.

Value flow map

The team reconfigures the process, eliminates losses and recalculates the operational time and deployment time for activities, stages and for the new process as a whole.


means collaboration

It is an interaction between team members that want to achieve the same result together: a process with greater added value. ​

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