BPM - Maparea proceselor

BPM - Business Process Modelling.

What cannot be measured cannot be improved. It is also valid for the transformation of current processes.

Remodeling a business process is not the main purpose, but a necessary instrument to start investing in your company’s digitalization. To evaluate the feasibility of digitizing a process, it is necessary to accurately measure the amount of resources and set the goal for the new digitized process.

The investment must be amortized within a maximum of 6 months directly from the benefit generated. Either we are talking about a decrease in costs, or we are talking about an increase in revenues.

The process as it IS

We start by analyzing in detail the process as it is at the moment, not losing sight of any detail.

The process as it WILL BE

Together with all those involved in the project, coordinated by the Sostiene consultant, we rethink the process as we want it to be.

The plan of measures

We will establish and assume what we need to do in order for the new process to replace the old one as soon as possible.

BPM -step by step

1. The team

We gather at the same table all the actors involved in the process, on roles and departments and on each stage of the process.                                                            

3. Measurements

For each task we measure the operational time required for execution and the total time from start to finish. In the end we will know how many human and time resources the process consumes as it is at the moment.

2. Activities

We draw the process map including each activity that is performed, we assign it to the department or role, we connect it with all the other activities in the process.

4. Redesign

Together with the team we redesign the new process with an improved level of digitalization in order to reduce the operational time. It becomes the measurable goal of future process improvement. ​

Process mapping requires teamwork.

A transparent process is easier to improve.

Customers often feel that a process can be improved or digitized. 

We always aim to map the process first, because intuition only can overlook certain aspects. This way we will be able to have maximum transparency on each stage and each activity in the process, also measuring the effort required. 

The better the visibility of the process we want to digitize, the better we know what we need to do and what the future process will look like.

A mapped process

It is more visible, more transparent and easier to improve.

A measured process

It helps us to calculate the efficiency of future investment and to be able to build a protected foundation on return on investment (ROI).

A re-designed process

It is a result of teamwork, assumed by those involved in the execution of the process.

A digitized process

It reduces the cost of e process execution and allows using the extra time for higher value-added activities.

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