SAP într-o nouă abordare

De unde ar trebui să începem un proiect de implementare SAP: 

de la funcționalitățile aplicației dvs. sau de la procesul de afaceri?

Implementing such a complete and complex IT system as SAP S/4Hana and other SAP applications for different business processes can be itself an experience. A good one or an exceptional one.

In our opinion, the difference is made by how ready is your company to take this step. That is the reason we believe a good preparation of the project is very important.

Standard SAP or multi Z?

At Sostenia, we approach every implementations as close as possible to the standard and best practices. Of course, it's not always easy. Resistance to change can be a real deadlock in implementation.


actively contributes

Standard SAP functional modules, once understood, can simplify the business. Even for those activities that apparently don’t need it. We just need to be open minded and to looking at the new processes governed by SAP.

We have expertise in approaching SAP implementation projects from scratch and also for other kind of implementations. Every phase of the project has its particular requirements and challenges and we have developed our own method to successfully complete them.

From the experience of SAP implementations we did so far, the Sostenia team has developed a new way of approaching these kind of projects, based on three main pillars: project preparation, preparation of detailed specifications in Business Blueprint and the change management component.


The first step is the most important


We need to be clear from the beginning why we want to implement SAP.                         


The purpose of implementation from the company's point of view must be clearly and fully documented.                

Eliminate losses

The easiest way to eliminate losses from current processes by implementing SAP.

Business    Blueprint  

A clear goal of the project

List of processes

All company processes must be identified, listed and integrated in SAP

Project purpose details

Not only the list of processes must be intentional, but also the details of how it works and the degree of automation.


A clear method needs to define the results of future implementation. We rely on KPIs and measures.

Change Management

Adoption of the new system

People first

We are working for and with people, that is why we always take into consideration the users and the team.

Removing barriers

The change in the company following the implementation of SAP is a major one. The team must prepare for the removal of barriers.

Team support

The experience of giving up old tools and adopting a new system must be done with active support for those involved in the process.

Impement SAP +

It can be an experience by itself. A positive rediscovery of all processes in the company and an improvement exercise for the project team. It can be a beneficial, creative experience that supports the long-term development of both the company and employees. ​


Our SAP services

Consultancy in project preparation

We provide consultancy services to prepare an SAP implementation project and provide the framework for the best decisions in this regard.

Business Blueprint

We assist our clients in building, understanding and accepting a business plan for the future implementation of SAP that meets all their company needs.

Suport services

We can provide support services for any stage of SAP implementation and post-implementation, making sure your team  will safely use the new application.


Whether we want to implement a change to current processes or a configuration from scratch, we can bring our SAP consultants to your project.

Rollout or Greenfield

Whether we need a copy of an existing system in another group company, or we need to implement it from scratch, we have the necessary resources and experience.

Do you want to test how an SAP solution can help your company?

Contact us and we will offer you the best solution.