Împreună îmbunătățim procesele prin digitalizare.

We like IT

We like challenges and we have all the needed expertise to tackle a global or particular improvement project, even a multi-year strategy. We want to be part of the customer team as partners, not necessarily as suppliers, being willing to make the effort to achieve his goals.

We like to understand

Curious by nature, we ask until we understand and challenge customers to ask more questions.

The 5 Whys strategy?

We like to improve

What can we eliminate, what can we merge, what can we redesign, what can we do differently?

The technique of the 9 windows?

We like to automate

No expectations, no transfers, no successive processing, no interruptions in business processes.

MUDA technique?

We like you

We eliminate from your activity everything that a script, an algorithm or a software robot can do. ​

MURI technique?

If you wish a project like this please contact us!

Together we can improve processes through digitization.

SAP Implementation

ML și AI

BPM - Business Process Modelling

It is the key element in approaching the digitization strategy.

UIPATH - Software robots

A low cost for the company, an important step for productivity.             

DRUID - AI Chatbot conversation

AI chat platform for virtual employees and customer support


We develop apps

that may suit you

We develop software applications according to customer specifications for any process.

Existing applications

that may suit you

We offer already developed applications for various business processes that can be adapted for any company.

Third party applications that we can implement

We represent various IT solutions for which we offer implementation services..

SAP Implementation

SAP level 1 and 2 support

From tickets to change requests, tested and implemented in SAP systems.

SAP functional consultants

We offer consultancy services on SAP S4Hana modules for configuring business processes.      



Everything under control, from landscape to productive transport requests in SAP applications.

What interests you?

Let's RPA

Do you have repetitive activities that you want a robot to take over so that, with the time saved, you can bring more value to the company? 

If so, feel free to click the link below.

Let's start


Do you think that if you assign a virtual personal assistant to employees or clients, instead of waiting for someone to assist them, it would be better for the company? 

If so, feel free to click the link below.

Let's start

Let's SAP

Have you implemented SAP or are you thinking of doing such an implementation, but you need someone to help you analyze the impact and potential benefits? 

If so, feel free to click the link below.

Let's start


Do you have processes you think they could have been done better if you would have a software application built on the specifics of your business? 

If so, feel free to click the link below.       

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