Algoritmi decizionali SMART - SOSTENIA


Over 70% of the decisions made in a company are in fact repetitive decisions, which can be learned and translated into functional algorithms and made available to those who need such decisions on a regular basis.

Then why let subordinates wait for a manager's decision when they can be available to them at any time, exactly when they need such decisions?

Sales decisions

What discount does the employee have the right to offer for a certain client? What payment term can they offer? What credit ceiling could it do for a particular customer?

Control decisions

In an activity analysis, what does the manager say to a subordinate? How do you look at it, how do you identify employee opportunities and how do you communicate them?

Approval decisions

Can the employee make a certain expense? To what extent and from which suppliers? Is an investment approved for a particular department? Can a subordinate manager have different competency limits than another employee?

Supporting decisions

When is the experience of a manager useful for the subordinate? When does he need a superior to support his work? How do we have this support at the right time?

All these decision-making flows can be long, expensive or delayed. Most of the decision-making processes are in fact based on algorithms, good practices, or company policies.

As a result, they can be replicated in an automated system and made available to those who need such decisions in order to do their job as well as possible: directly, without waiting times and without unjustified costs.

What we can do for you?

Identify decision-making processes

We analyze decision-making processes, depending on their importance and their frequency in the business processes. Every decision-making process consumes human resources and time and has a significant impact on your business.

Identify decision-making algorithms

We find the most common methods of analysis and decision-making, the data on which it is based and the best decision-making practices that we turn into decision-making algorithms.

Automation of the decision-making process

Either in the software applications you already use, or in some new ones built from scratch, or in the RPA or Chatbot applications, we automate the decision-making processes and make them available to those who need these decisions, on time.

Do you want most of the decisions in your company to be automatic and without unnecessary costs?

Contact us and we will give you a demonstration!