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Whether we are talking about a specific project, a global one or a multi-annual one, we are willing to associate with our client and link a part of the implementation cost with the degree of achievement of the proposed objective.

Especially in a multi-annual approach, we are opened to link 50% of the cost of implementing the solution to achieving the objectives.

In conclusion, you reduce the risk that we, Sostenia, take for you. We want to develop long term partnerships with our customers interested in digital transformation, rather than being occasional suppliers.

What does Success Fee approach means?


Top management and stakeholders must understand that the digital transformation of business processes is not a trend, but a necessity for the sustainable development of the company. ​

Redesign the future

Companies do not stay the same, because the environment in is constantly changing. It is necessary to choose a projection on the business for 3-5 years and to identify the needs to adapt the process. ​


Before starting a Success-Fee system collaboration we need confidence. It probably takes time and we would need to work on smaller projects at first.​

Benefit plan

Everyone wants to win, now and especially in the future. We need to be clear about our earnings and when we want to enjoy those benefits. ​


Assumed vision

Going from ,,nice to have'' to ,,must to have''

It is not as simple as it may seem. In many cases, boards have issues related to digitization on their agenda, but they are often not a priority.

​ For this reason, many digitization procedures are delayed from one quarter to another, from one year to the next.

Sometimes it happens to some implemented software solutions too.  They don't have a significant contribution in business precisely because they are not given enough attention. This is what we call "Carthage Syndrome".

What to do?

Simply prioritize process optimization through digitization on the board's agenda. In other words, an assumed company goal, related to the performance indicators of all managers in the company.

Annual or multi-annual resource planning

Without budgets, goals can't work. But the need for human resources and time are more important.

Why? Because everything we propose and implement will be accompanied by a fundamentation of the investment, which makes clear its recovery in an optimal period of time.  

Based on our experience, the time resource allocated to digital transformation is the most problematic. ​


Build step by step

Whether we are talking about Sostenia or any other partner, trust is built in time. It will make the difference between a constructive collaboration, in which all team members stay focused on the goal or one in which each party will find excuses and reasons why the project failed once again. ​

What we do?

We start, as in any journey, with the first step. We identify a digitization project or an improvement process and check together whether there are the premises for a long-term partnership and, consequently, the possibility of applying the successful tax approach.

Redesigning the future

How is the business environment going to look in 5 years?

It's not about special skills or intuition. Usually, for a time horizon of 3 to 5 years, we can use market research. ​

We know what is the human resources trend and what happens to customer expectations, we know what the direct competitors are doing and so on. ​

But the most important question is: do we know what we want to do with our company? ​

Are we ready?

Once we set the direction of the company, we simply need a plan to align the vision with the chosen time horizon. ​

Benefit plan

How much do we want to earn?

It is a mandatory answer. Thus, we will be able to control productivity. ​

We will have a cost vision for each business operation and we will set cost targets for each support service in the company.  

Comparativ cu situațiile anterioare, vom măsura nivelul beneficiului generat. În concluzie, cât am câștigat. Compared to previous situations, we will measure the level of benefit generated. In conclusion, how much did I earn?

When do we want to earn?

It gives us visibility into the moments of impact on cash flow and can positively or negatively influence future process improvement actions. The benefit of the first improvement must feed the next.

Do you want a collaboration in Success Fee system?

Get in touch with us and we will help you to put it into practice.