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Make sure you have a top software implementer by your side!

Choose Sostenia as your software implementation partner for your company's project, and you will benefit from our over 17 years of experience in business digitization and the full support of our specialists for:

 Consultancy for improving business processes through digitization.

 Selection and implementation of the right set of software applications for managing business processes.

 Reducing operational time and strengthening the company's strengths through process automation.

 Dedicated software development for the client's business, developing processes based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) integrated into the operational workflow.

 Access to a broad suite of applications and an efficient network for any necessary integration.

Activities from your digitization project that you can implement with Sostenia's specialists

 ERP implementation (Enterprise Resource Planning)

 RPA implementation (Robotic Process Automation)

 CRM implementation (Customer Relationship Management)

 IoT systems (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

 eCommerce platforms

 Company presentation website

 BTP integration (Business Technology Platform) through SAP

 Transitioning archives from analog/files/paper to digitally indexable format

 Procurement of Cloud Computing services during the implementation and project duration

 Project management

 We ensure the implementation of the submitted project and its sustainability

 Achieving the objectives and indicators set in the project

 Counseling and analysis to identify IT solutions suitable for your business

 Acquisition and/or development and/or adaptation of software applications/licenses

 Configuration and implementation of databases

 Migration and integration of various existing data structures

 Training the staff to use the implemented software solutions

 Services for enhancing cybersecurity

ERP IMPLEMENTATION (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Odoo, the only application you need to digitize all company operations

 It has over 8 million users worldwide

 It is an easy-to-use and highly intuitive application

 It has a short implementation duration

 It integrates easily with other applications and allows customizations

  It can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere

 Digitizes all departments: sales, marketing, accounting, HR, production, inventory, operations

 Includes an advanced eCommerce platform and website construction

Sostenia is an Odoo Gold Partner and was awarded Best Starter Europe in 2022 for outstanding results.

With a team of certified consultants and over 18 years of experience in business digitization, we have successfully implemented the Odoo application for various industries: Manufacturing, Installations, eCommerce & Marketplace, Office Supplies & Stationery, Chemicals, Metal Processing, Renewable Energy, Electrical Materials, Construction, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Financial Consulting, Landscaping, Automotive, Real Estate, and more.

Start ERP implementation with Sostenia

RPA IMPLEMENTATION (Robotic Process Automation)

Automate repetitive tasks with the help of RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

 Software robots can take over any digitized, repetitive task performed by an employee

 In our RPA projects, we have generated savings of up to 10,000 hours per employee per year

 You can increase company profits through massive resource savings and increased work volumes

 You eliminate human errors and the losses caused by them

 Examples of processes automated through RPA: automatic issuance of invoices and quotes, transferring orders from ERP to WMS, creating inbound deliveries for goods invoices, recording invoices in accounting, registering monthly expense reports and much more.

Sostenia is a certified UiPath & DRUID partner with a team of specialists in RPA and Conversational AI development. We have successfully automated repetitive business processes that were tying employees to tasks without added value, and managers were losing precious time for company development. Through RPA, these tasks have been taken over by software robots that can work tirelessly, allowing employees and managers to gain time for strategic, value-added activities.

Start RPA implementation with Sostenia


At Sostenia, the implementation method is results-oriented. We establish the objectives of digitization, the phases, and the resources involved within a predetermined time frame.

Contact us, and let's kickstart your project together!

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