Solutii SOSTENIA | Sostenia

After numerous digital transformation projects, 

aimed at improving processes and enhancing performance, 
Sostenia has developed a series of customized software applications.

How we can collaborate

Discover our software solutions

We can present the software applications developed so far, their functionality, and the concrete results obtained within our group of companies..

The evaluation of  the contribution within your company

We are checking to what extent these applications, with many years of proven development and operation in the market, can adapt to your business and what impact they may have.

TMS Sostenia

It is an application for managing transportation activities and provides visibility into orders. It is designed to handle any type of transport, whether we deliver with our own fleet, rented vehicles, through express courier services, or by our agents.

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DMS Sostenia

It is a document management application. Certainly, there are many others on the market, but this one includes a method for making every procedure or work instruction available in real-time for those who need it.

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