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Your digital transformer

Digital transformation is nothing more than adopting the latest technologies and the promoting digitalization in your company.

Take the first steps in digital transformation with us!

We are here to support your team, step by step. 

Before accepting the challenge of digital transformation, make sure you have a partner who can support you with every step.

From business analysis, the implementation of the most suitable solutions for your business, support and scaling, we have a complete team of professionals, ready for any challenge.

Automate, so you have time for what matters!

Improving processes through digitization

Reducing operational costs

Based on our experience we guarantee that, by digitizing the processes, at least 50 man-days are saved annually for every 10 employees. It is a time resource that can be used for activities that bring more added value or can reduce costs. Imagine what people on your teams can do with the extra time you get. 


Durable competitive advantage

Most of all,  customers will continue to pay attention to price and quality. But it won't be enough. They also choose their suppliers based on how easy it is for them to place an order,  to have quick and direct access to data and information, to receive modern and timely services. Those who are the first to digitize their processes will have a competitive advantage over direct competitors. ​


Attractive work environment

More and more, employees are looking for a modern, digitized company and less a bureaucratic one. They will be loyal to an employer that allows them to use their creativity and initiative rather than perform repetitive tasks. Through process automation of tedious, repetitive work, staff migration will be dramatically decreased and will ultimately lead to higher engagement, performance and innovation          


We rely only on top solutions

We like RPA

Why not leave all the repetitive work to software robots?

Find out how

We like A.I. Chatbot

We put employees and customers in touch with what interests them, quickly and efficiently.

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It is the key element in approaching the digitization strategy. Everything starts from the business processes and ends with them. We always analyze the process with the team involved, we map the process as it IS and we propose the variant as it will BE. At this stage we also determine the benefits obtained and the activities to be performed.

Project Management

Success depends also on the contribution of people and the correct and careful planning of the project stages. Our team of project managers will take over the responsibility of the successful completion of a project, within the specified time frame and under the established budget and resources, while achieving its objectives. ​

Software  Implementation

We have expertise in a wide range of software applications existing on the market of digitization solutions. The big challenge is to choose the most suitable for our client's specific business and especially for his long-term development plan. ​

Software development

After a close analysis, if the client's business specificity requires it we have the possibility to propose, plan and create an IT application from scratch on the most suitable programming environments. Also, to train and ensure its adoption by the client's team and to achieve the proposed objective.

What can we do for you

Digital transformation

With over 15 years of experience in digital business, we help companies of all sizes perform in a constantly changing business environment.

Process automation

We replace repetitive, tedious operations performed by employees with software robots and intelligent algorithms. ​

Software development

​ After we have developed software applications from scratch for many business processes, we are convinced that we can take on any challenge from our clients.

digitalizare Sostenia
companies for which we manage the improvement of business processes through digitization
man-days saved by automating and digitizing processes every year
business processes analyzed from AS IS to TO BE and improved every year
consultants specialized in digital transformation and implementation of digitization solutions

Sostenia este numită Best Starter Europe pentru rezultatele deosebite obținute în calitate de Odoo Gold Partner, servicii la standarde înalte și profesionalism.

Sostenia, a new Start Up

An ambitious and accelerated team development program, skills and services are launched to be able to respond to a higher level of market requirements.


The year when the vision of uniting in one company all the digital skills of the PLH holding company appears …

... and the new Sostenia company is being built, joining together all the specialists to improve processes through digitization under the same roof.


Sostenia company is founded, out of the desire to promote sustainable processes and business activities, friendly to the environment and to people.

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